10 Formidable Final Girls Who Survived Horror Movies

10. Suzy Bannion - Suspiria

37 - CORRECT SIZE - Suspiria Dario Argento's classic Italian horror Suspiria kicks off our list with protagonist Suzy Bannion, an American ballet student who enrolls in a prestigious German dance academy. As is often the case in horror, things aren't quite what they seem. Suzy begins hearing strange noises, maggots fall from the ceiling at one point and oh yeah, lots of people die throughout. The film ends with a confrontation between Suzy and the coven of witches who run the school, ending with her escape as the Academy is set ablaze. Most 'final girls' supposedly adopt masculine characteristics upon using a phallic weapon, venting their sexual frustration against male aggressors, but Suzy is an unusual case as she's forced to use a knife against a feminine foe, her reanimated friend Helena. This just goes to show that the concept of the 'final girl' is not set in stone and that BFF's don't last forever.

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