10 Freakiest Mad Scientists In Cinema

They have taken the refuse of your God's failures, and they have triumphed!

For as long as there€™s been mad science in fiction there€™s been a mad scientist behind it, wilfully rewriting the rules of physics, chemistry, biology etc as he goes along, and usually without a single thought as to the potential consequences of his actions. You know€ because he€™s insane. In compiling this article, a criteria was chosen to narrow the playing field down to a manageable ten. First, the examples chosen have to be scientists: that rules out Dr. Caligari, the insane director of a lunatic asylum who may or may not be a figment of the narrator€™s imagination. Second, they have to be genuinely mad €“ utterly amoral, psychotic, sociopathic, megalomaniacal, barking loony, whatever does the job. You€™d think that€™d be obvious, but other writing on this subject has seen fit to include, amongst others, the (at worst) mildly eccentric Doc Brown from the Back To The Future movies and Dr. Henry Jekyll, the whole point of whose story is that he is both sane and rational. Thirdly, our selection have to actually be engaged in mad science. Dr. Strangelove is a crazed Nazi scientific advisor to the President of the United states, creepily enthusiastic about the coming mutually assured destruction€ but his only plan throughout the film is for the repopulation of the earth should it be reduced to a cinder, which is a surprisingly good one and hardly the stuff of Mengele. With these standards in mind, we present: the ten freakiest mad scientists in cinema. Bear in mind that there may well be spoilers referenced here, specifically or in passing, so on your own heads be it€
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