10 Freakiest Mad Scientists In Cinema

9. Professor Mortimer Gangreen - Return Of The Killer Tomatoes! (1988)

Four movies about homicidal tomatoes. Four (4). At the end of the original Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes, White House press secretary Jim Richardson was revealed to be behind the juicy red menace, but was killed before he could reveal how, or why, he came to be the power behind the invasion of monstrous fruit. Return Of The Killer Tomatoes and its sequels Killer Tomatoes Strike Back and Killer Tomatoes Eat France! have as their antagonist one Professor Mortimer Gangreen, retconned in Return€ to be the mastermind behind Richardson and the first wave of giant squishy berries. Having been foiled by the tomatoes€™ one weakness (powerlessness in the face of €˜Puberty Love€™, the worst pop song ever recorded), this time Professor Gangreen has factored music into the equation. Using a combination of tunes, toxic waste and a tomato transformation chamber, he€™s created tomatoes that can pass for human€ One thing to always remember about Professor Gangreen: he€™s not a mad scientist, he€™s an angry scientist. He€™s also a blue sky thinker: when tomatoes fail once again to solve all his problems in the sequel, he changes tack entirely. Killer Tomatoes Strike Back sees the professor and his ruggedly handsome lab assistance Igor attempt to infiltrate the media with a mind control device, while Killer Tomatoes Eat France! deals with Igor€™s mysterious resemblance to the legendary Lost Dauphin of France, Louis XVII €“ Gangreen intends to take advantage of the prophecy that the orphan prince will return to be king of all France once more. Yes, you read all of that right€ and yes, the last two films ever made about killer tomatoes aren€™t even really about killer tomatoes. Oh, law of diminishing returns, why do you mock us so?
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