10 Funniest Deaths In Comedy Movies

9. Dumb And Dumber - Rat Poison

Tucker And Dale Vs Evil
New Line Cinema

Well this is an oddly dark moment in such a goofy, upbeat movie.

Joe "Mental" Mentalino is tasked with tracking down and whacking best friends Lloyd and Harry who have come into possession of a briefcase full of money.

Mentalino's plan is simple, put rat poison in their food, take the money, and go. Little did he know that sometimes stupid beats smart and his two targets put chili peppers in his burger which sets off his stomach ulcer. After poorly preforming CPR on their victim they go to give him his medication only to instead dump copious amounts of the same rat poison that was meant for them down his throat.

To put it bluntly, Lloyd and Harry straight up kill a man. There's no other way to put it, they killed this dude. Even though they had no idea what they were doing and he was planning on killing them, it still doesn't change the fact that this is manslaughter. Which is exactly what makes it so funny as these two are so dumb that they manage to accidentally kill a professional hitman.

Now that's what you call dumb luck.


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