10 Funniest Non-Monty Python Films From Monty Python Members

The Fullest of Monties.

Monty Python Cast

The members of Monty Python have been responsible for some of the most iconic, laugh-out-loud moments in the history of comedy. In fact, at this very moment, there are no fewer than thirty thousand people around the world absolutely butchering John Cleese's dead parrot speech.

Majestically silly, deliriously clever, and endlessly quotable, Python made daftness its own art form. Their legacy is so profound that they've earned the nickname "the Beatles of comedy."

Most of the group has kept busy in the three decades since the troupe split - except for Graham Chapman, who shuffled off this mortal coil in 1989 - with varying degrees of success. And while few of their post-Python endeavors have inspired the same level of fandom as Flying Circus or The Holy Grail, they've managed to throw a couple handfuls of classic movies our way over the years.

So let's take a few moments to celebrate these non-Python successes while willfully ignoring the sad fact that the group's most recent collaboration together - the Terry Jones helmed Absolutely Anything - was possibly the worst thing Simon Pegg has ever been a part of.

And just to keep this list from becoming too one-sided with Terry Gilliam's fantastic directorial efforts, every film mentioned here has to feature at least two former Pythons. Because it's my list and you can't tell me what to do.

Ahem. And now for something completely different...

10. Erik The Viking

Monty Python Cast

I cannot stress this enough: Do not watch Erik the Viking expecting to see yet another medieval comedy in the vein of The Holy Grail. No matter how much you enjoy Tim Robbins and Mickey Rooney, you will be sorely disappointed if you expect a brilliant send-up of the Middle Ages.

Good? Good. Now, with that out of the way, Erick the Viking is quite funny in parts. Side-splittingly so, even. Sure, there's a good handful of gags that misfire. And a few of the scenes seem to be coasting for far too long on the goodwill earned by previous jokes. And most of those jokes are about rape. And some of the set-ups are left dangling without a payoff.

...But, all of those miscues go away once you start looking at Erik the Viking not as a standard comedy, but as a spoof of other satires. It's much closer to Robin Hood: Men In Tights than to The Princess Bride. And when its goofy, joyfully obnoxious tone works, it really works.

Any time Terry Jones or John Cleese appears on screen is an utter delight. And the rest of the time...well...hopefully you're not too offended by medieval rape jokes.


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