10 Funniest Non-Monty Python Films From Monty Python Members

9. Yellowbeard

Monty Python Cast
Orion Pictures

Yellowbeard shouldn't have been funny. The writing was awful and the story was kind of a snoozer. But when you have a hall of fame cast - thanks to Graham Chapman cashing in every available favor - you can make even the weariest of ideas come off like a million bucks.

Cheech and Chong, a handful of Young Frankenstein alumni, a handful of Pythons, and a game David Bowie helped to instantly up the quality of what you get on screen.

And although Chapman doesn't exude the same comedic confidence he did as King Arthur or Brian Cohen - likely because the script had undergone so many rewrites at the studio's request that he wasn't exactly sure how he was supposed to be playing the character anymore - his enthusiasm is still irresistible.

Yellowbeard was raked over the coals by critics who claimed it to be overstuffed and devoid of hearty laughs. Were those critics blindfolded and earmuffed during the scenes involving Chapman or Madeline Kahn? That's really the only way to explain the miserable reviews.

No, it's not exactly a classic, and you probably won't find yourself laughing as much as you'd hoped, but to call this movie "humorless" is like calling The Beatles' Yellow Submarine "an assault to the ears."


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