10 Gaping Plot-Holes Hollywood Thought You'd Miss

How many times have you walked out of a film and thought, "Man, that film was awesome...but there's just one thing that bugs me"? Sometimes it might be a glaring continuity error or a boom mic that somehow snuck in the shot, but what about when it's a gigantic plot hole, something absurdly, blindingly obvious that the filmmakers must have been conscious of, and simply wanted you to forget. There's nothing more agonising than being told that your favourite film has a silly plot hole that pretty much collapses the film, but eh, that's what suspension of disbelief is for, right? Though in these 10 instances, you'll need a triple-reinforced suspension bridge to hold all your disbelief. Here are 10 gaping plot-holes Hollywood thought you'd miss...

10. Why Does Buzz Play Dead? (Toy Story)

The entirety of Toy Story's premise is that no humans (except for Sid, of course) know that the toys are alive; otherwise it might cause the child therapy demand to skyrocket 1000000%. As such, we see all of the toys go prone the second that a person is near - yes, all of the toys, even Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen). Buzz Lightyear is not aware that he is a toy, having a forthright belief that he is, in fact, a real Space Ranger. Still, whenever a human comes into the room, he goes prone anyway, when surely, a real Space Ranger wouldn't dare do that.. During the press tour for Toy Story 3, director Lee Unkrich did posit a possible answer, that Buzz's playing dead is simply an instinctive mechanism built into every toy, something that they cannot control. A little flaky, sure, but it just about works, even if it was totally cobbled together after the fact.
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