10 Gaping Plot-Holes Hollywood Thought You'd Miss

4. How Can The T-1000 Travel Through Time? (Terminator 2: Judgement Day)

It is explicitly stated in the first Terminator film that only organic matter can travel through the time displacement field, hence why Kyle Reese (Michael Beihn) and the Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) both show up naked in 1984. How can a cybernetic organism make it through the field? Well, that's easy; because his machine parts are wrapped around skin, blood, muscle and so on, they can travel through, though this does make us wonder why the T-800 wasn't just sent through time with a buncha guns and a giant bomb strapped inside his chest cavity. Anyway, Terminator 2 seems to forget this logic given that the T-1000 (Robert Patrick) is a mimetic poly-alloy (that's liquid metal) rather than the more base flesh-metal sandwich of the first film. How, exactly, would his composition be able to travel through the time displacement field without any skin wrapped around it? His skin is clearly not actual skin (unless we're just supposed to assume the T-1000 can instantly change his cellular structure from metal to flesh); it's simply part of his mimicking ability. Even if we accept that James Cameron has moved the goal-posts and the T-1000's metal construction can travel through unimpeded, then why does he appear naked? Surely he could wear clothes, not have to kill a cop (though that is helpful in other ways), and probably murder John Connor in his sleep before he or the T-8000 have a clue what's going on? No? Yeah, I like to forget this one too.
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