10 Gaping Plot-Holes Hollywood Thought You'd Miss

5. Why Does The Matrix Have Computers? (The Matrix)

In The Matrix, the Sentinels use human beings as batteries to sustain themselves, and to pacify the humans, they have placed them within an artificial construct called The Matrix, which they simply purport to be "the real world". However, given how much computing and machinery plays into the world of The Matrix, and how Neo's hacking abilities are essentially what earmark him for the events that follow, why on Earth would you create a simulation that has computers in it? Would it not be a lot more sensible to deny this sort of technology to them, given the implications it has? Of course, if this was the case, then the film wouldn't exist, and our lives would all be a little less awesome, but it really seems like the Sentinels effectively slit their own throat in the end.
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