10 Ghastly Movie Kisses We Wish We Could Unsee

The Cabin in the Woods

We watch films to experience heightened emotions, one of the main ingredients being love. 90% of all Hollywood movies have some sort of love story shoehorned in, whether it truly belongs there or not, because Hollywood seems to think that€™s the only way to rope in the female audience.

Most of the time, it gives the viewers an excuse to watch incredibly rich attractive people kiss all over each other, a bit of wish fulfillment for those men and women who would sacrifice their child to share a kiss with George Clooney. But sometimes, these love scenes go horribly wrong and give us enough emotional scars to put a therapist€™s kid through college.

Here are 10 movie kisses that may make you wish you had a time machine. You have been warned!

10. The Ten


The Ten is a woefully underseen film featuring an amazing cast, many of whom are members from The State, the legendary sketch comedy show. David Wain (director of Wet Hot American Summer and Role Models) put together a series of vignettes skewing the Ten Commandments and perhaps the most memorable one features Winona Ryder.

Out at a comedy club with her husband, Kelly (Ryder) falls in love with a ventriloquist€™s dummy, seemingly unable to understand the fact that he is not a sentient being. What begins as simple adoration evolves into maniacal lust, leading to her abandoning her husband and stealing the dummy from the comedy club. Then comes the hilariously-disturbing scene where she proceeds to make out with it at a bar, followed by bed rocking, orgasmo-rific sex.

Now that I think about it, I guess I can understand why it never made it into mainstream theaters. Such a shame.


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