10 Ginormous Movie Franchises That Should Quit While They're Ahead

mission impossible tom cruiseIf they keep going to see 'em, we're going to keep on making 'em. This is the mantra working its way around the offices of pretty much every Hollywood studio in existence - as long as we keep going to the theatre to see sequels, prequels, reboots and the occasional spin-off, Hollywood is going to continue to push out motion pictures in these categories, because it's a business, and why wouldn't they? Because - let's face it - franchises are what makes the world go round, and when it comes to movies, we continually buy into them because... well, we all like the familiar. Mostly the production of various unwarranted sequels and prequels and reboots and spin-offs will only serve to tarnish a franchise and alienate fans who waited patiently for the next chapter, knowing full-well that their expectations were probably going to end up getting shattered - and not in a good way. Occasionally, though, without warning, a franchise will push out another installment in the series that actually turns out to be pretty good. It's at this point, though, that an already ginormous franchise should probably considering quitting whilst fans are on their side... Take the 10 franchises I've assembled here, all of which are massive, and are rumoured to be ploughing onwards with more movies, when - really - retirement is probably the best option.

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