10 God-Awful Horror Films (With Amazing Kills)

Okay, that kill was pretty cool...

Piranha 3D Derrick
Dimension Films

There's no easy way to say this: the majority of horror films... are terrible.

No matter how much you adore splatterfests, haunting folk-tales, or avant garde, it's a struggle to find anything in the genre that's decent... or okay... or watchable.

The reason why a lot of scary movies don't work is because they don't care about the basic rules of storytelling - character development, dialogue, or plot. Sadly, most horror directors are only interested in bloodshed, violence, and more bloodshed. Even though Halloween, Saw, and A Nightmare On Elm Street focused on atmosphere and slowly building tension, the sequels centred around making the deaths gorier and more elaborate, often to a cartoonish degree.

As such, it's ironic how some of the shoddiest horror films happen to have the coolest kills. More often than not, we only watch utter garbage like Anaconda, Deadly Friend, or Resident Evil just to check out the creative ways the ensemble gets picked off.

Now, we're not going to pretend any of the entries on this list are up to par. But when it comes to the kills, they get an A+.

10. Resident Evil

Piranha 3D Derrick
Constantin Film

Paul WS Anderson's Resident Evil spawned five sequels, earning the franchise over a billion dollars - the first video game adaptation to do so.

However, accomplishing such a feat doesn't change the fact the movies suck. The original may be the best of the lot, but that's not saying much. Because of the choppy editing and surprisingly uncreative zombie designs, the film never replicates the terror one would experience from the source material.

Ironically, the most intense, well-shot, and frightening sequence has absolutely nothing to do with zombies! As the commando squad enter the research facility, they find themselves barricaded in a sealed hallway, protected by the Red Queen's laser defence system.

Once activated, a laser repeatedly shoots across the room, trying to dismember the invaders. Because the laser adjusts its position while it moves, the soldiers have a split-second to figure out how to dodge it

While the squad's techie tries to shut down the system, the Red Queen prepares one final assault. As the laser is about to reach our sole survivor, it suddenly reconfigures into a grid pattern, making escape impossible. Sadly, the techie overrides the system immediately after the laser dices the remaining commando into pieces.


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