10 God-Awful Horror Films (With Amazing Kills)

9. Deadly Friend

Piranha 3D Derrick
Warner Bros.

There are few filmmakers, if any, who've had as much influence on horror as Wes Craven. For decades, the beloved auteur has repeatedly reinvented the slasher genre, kicked off multiple lucrative franchises, and devised some of the coolest death sequences in cinema.

But the best kill he concocted wasn't in Scream. Or The Hills Have Eyes. Or A Nightmare On Elm Street. Ironically, the most memorable execution occurred in one of Craven's weakest entries, Deadly Friend.

This sci-fi horror opens with whizkid Paul arriving in a new town, where he instantly falls for teen Samatha. When Samatha's abusive father throws her down the stairs, she's left catatonic. To save Samantha's life, Paul installs a microchip in her brain. Unfortunately, the microchip screws up her mind, turning her into a psychotic killer.

In the film's most memorable scene, Samantha shoves her cranky neighbour, Elvira, against a wall before picking up a basketball. With the force of a cannon, Sam launches the ball at Elvira's screaming gob, causing her head to explode.

The scene may not make sense (Why would a microchip give Samantha superstrength?) but it's the only reason why Deadly Friend is worth watching.


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