10 God-Awful Scenes In Otherwise Perfect Horror Movies

10 Cloverfield Lane really lost it at the end.

10 Cloverfield Lane Ending
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Director Howard Hawks once said that a great movie is "Three good scenes and no bad ones" and that is a pretty great quote, but is it truthful? Well, sometimes but definitely not always. After all, plenty of great movies have a bad scene or two.

These following ten movies are all reminders of that. They're all thoroughly accomplished and impressive pieces of horror cinema but nonetheless viewers will find a god-awful scene lurking in all of them like a spectre at the feast, casting a shadow over what is otherwise an enormously enjoyable experience.

All of these movies should absolutely be sought out, especially if you're a horror fan but be warned: they don't maintain their high standards all the way through. And what's extra frustrating in some of these cases is that these moments come right at the end of the movie, so they're what will be on viewers' mind once the film comes to an end...

10. Let The Right One In: The Cat Attack

10 Cloverfield Lane Ending
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2019's Cats wasn't the first time these wonderful, much-loved feline creatures who are probably man's second-best friend (after dogs, of course) were appallingly represented with godawful CGI. The same thing happened in the Swedish horror film Let the Right One In.

In this scene, a gang of house cats attack an unfortunate woman (Ika Nord) who has been turned into a vampire, and this moment truly is howlingly awful. Not only are the special effects risible, but the whole thing is just an unintentionally hilarious mistake that'll only have viewers rolling their eyes.

If you switched this scene on out of context, you'd think you were watching a schlocky B-Movie in the vein of Birdermic: Shock and Terror. In fact, Let the Right One In is a modern horror masterpiece; a rich, beautiful and emotionally shattering affair that is arguably one of the very, very best horror films of the 21st century. This scene is simply a very bizarre outlier in what is otherwise a mature and captivating work.

The film's surprisingly excellent American remake, Let Me In, also had some iffy CGI moments but thankfully nothing quite as bad as this.

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