10 Good Movies That Completely Botched Their Final Act

And it was all going so well. Sigh.

It's not uncommon for a fighter to win a boxing match because they completely dominated their opponent in the final few rounds, regardless of what may have come before. They could have had the hell beaten out of them for the first seven or eight rounds, but it's those precious last rounds that the judges have lodged in their memories when it's all over. Imagine how hard-done the fighter who deserved to win on the basis of the first three-quarters of the fight might feel when he's presented with a loss. But then imagine how a cinema-goer feels when they have paid for an expensive ticket to see a much anticipated flick and you're sort of on the right track. Said film has been a blast, and then - in the final few scenes - the film loses the plot entirely. It jumps out of its tree, into its trolley, and ends up driving head first into oncoming traffic. Movie fans leaves screenings and forget all about the quality that preceded the madness, and end up feeling way more battered than the boxer in the previous analogy. Okay, so we don't have any broken bones in our face and we haven't been screwed out of a career-making purse or title, but we're pretty disappointed, and in our anger we manage to forget our rationality and refuse to admit that the film was quite good, or - in some instances - excellent. Following, then, is a list of films with third acts or finales that didn't live up to the 100 or so minutes that preceded them...

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