10 Good Movies That Completely Botched Their Final Act

10. Warrior

Warrior looked as if it was going to be yet another sports movie that ripped off the likes of Rocky, or The Fighter that was released only under a year before it. However, surprisingly it went down a treat with all that saw it, which wasn't as many as the producers were hoping for considering it made two million dollars less than its $25 million budget. When thinking about it, it's not all that surprising. It had a fantastic cast boasting Joel Edgerton, Tom Hardy and Nick Nolte, and it tapped into a sporting phenomenon that hadn't previously been tested at such a mainstream level in cinema - MMA. What came to us was a hard-hitting drama that was just as brutal outside the ring as it was inside of it. It was exciting, tense, passionate and inspiring. It's a shame that the same can't be said about the anti-climatic conclusion, though. Inevitable, the estranged brothers of Edgerton's and Hardy's characters were always going to have a fight in the final showdown of the tournament. We would have all been pretty annoyed if we didn't see them knock seven shades of stuffing out of one another. But what was perhaps even more annoying was how blatantly obvious who the winner was going to be. Throughout the entire film, the mountain that is Tom Hardy was disposing of his opponents within seconds. Edgerton's technician was scraping through all of his bouts by using the same submissions, which begs the question - why did all of his opponents, including his brother, not learn from past fights? I'm no sporting expert, but I'm pretty positive that it's common practice to watch past recordings of fights in an attempt to educate yourself about the person who is going to be trying to knock your head off. But that could all be forgiven, as Edgerton's character was arguably the guy who deserved to win it the most. What was so awe-inspiringly cheesy that took place during the fight is what had us all eating our own faces. As Edgerton chokes Hardy out, he tells him that he loves him. Surely this spout of vomit-inducement could have waited until a respectable discussion after the fight instead of having them both carry each other out of the ring and then abruptly end with nothing wrapped up apart from Hardy's arm in cast from where his loving brother snapped it in half. Nothing like a bit of brotherly love, eh?

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