10 Good Movies Made Great By Their Endings

Dont Look Now It's no surprise that the ending of a movie is usually the point at which our thoughts linger - any ending, after all, marks the exact moment where a story ceases to continue, where we're left to ponder the events of all that we just witnessed, or consider the future of the characters, be it hopeful, sad or purposely ambiguous. Writing an appropriate ending is, of course, an art in itself. Get it wrong, and you risk alienating your audience. Get it right, and they won't forget your movie in a hurry. After all, isn't it the responsibility of any truly good movie to stay with you afterwards? You'll often hear about endings which ruined the movies that came before them - and there are lots and lots of motion pictures out there which adopted ill-judged climaxes and trigged a negative reaction. What you hear about less, though? Good movies that were made great by their endings - movies that were enjoyable for the length of their runntime, but were suddenly propelled to the realms of greatness because the final few minutes were so damn impressive. In a lot of ways, this might translate simply as: "The movie was good, but the ending was definitely the best bit." So here are 10 movies that fit into such a category: all good, but made genuinely great because their endings were so unforgettable or mind-blowing. It really does drive a rather interesting point home... that an awesome ending alone can separate a good movie from a great one.

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