10 Goriest Film Scenes Ever

Probably best not to eat while you read this.

As much as many may try to deny it, human beings are interested in the macabre, grotesque and horrifying ways in which we can die. If we weren't, horror films wouldn't exist, and every film released would be about superheros, anthropomorphic animals and cringe-worthy relationships that border on the mundane. Our morbid fascination with such films doesn't exist because of personal fantasies though, it exists because we want to be scared, frightened and mortified. Just as superhero movies dazzle us with stellar special effects and comedy films make us bellow with laughter; horror films provide entertainment through adrenaline.

Some scenes in the horror genre go above and beyond though, and this list has scraped together the best of the best to provide a wonderfully grotesque set of film scenes that exemplify just how gruesome films can be. From watching two men getting graphically digested in the stomach of a Pagan god, to watching the most famous cannibal in cinema history pan fry some (presumably tasty, why else would he eat it?) brain, there's no shortage of imagination when it comes to creatively killing our own race on-screen.

So enjoy being disgusted at these entries, and don't forget, never ever accept inconspicuous puzzle boxes from strangers. Well, not if you value your life anyway.

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