10 Goriest Film Scenes Ever

10. Hostel - Your Eye Looks A Little Sore There

Hostel Eyes
Lionsgate/Screen Gems

There's something about horror scenes involving eyes that always makes them harder to watch than any other body part being severely mutilated. Just why that is isn't quite clear, but our guess is because eyes are squishy, watery balls that not only look delicate, but ARE delicate. The thought of losing one's sight (or prodding your retina with any remotely sharp object always makes you feel uneasy) so there's not really any surprise that this particular torture scene in Hostel is one of the most memorable.

Lured to the grim torture business under the guise of going to a brothel, Paxton and Josh are subjected to horrific scenes of mutilation and murder, committed by wealthy businessmen that want to live out their sick fantasies. After Josh perishes at the hands of said psychopaths, Paxton manages to escape, only to reluctantly return when he hears screaming coming from within the building.

Upon entering, he finds a girl, Kana, being subjected to a case of blowtorch-to-face. Paxton kills her torturer and rescues her just a little too late, the girl's eye is dangling out of its socket, and, being the good Samaritan that he is, Paxton tries to suppress some of her pain by snipping the eyeball of with a pair of rusty scissors. Presumably, around the time of Hostel's release, the number of backpackers around Europe must have plummeted. Can't say we blame them to be honest.

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