10 Great Actors Never Nominated For An Oscar

Everyone’s a critic.


The Oscars.

We hate them, we love them, we watch them (or at least catch the highlights the next day). Sometimes everyone claps unanimous praise at the choice of winner, other times we’re left scratching our heads at those left outside of the party.

Ever a discussion point among fans and workers in the film industry alike, the Academy have often received controversy for their choices (or lack thereof) in nominees and victors. Greats like Paul Newman, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jeff Bridges were all infamously snubbed for decades before finally turning out work that forced the Academy’s acknowledgement.

As frustrating as being a multiple time nominee may have proved for many a star over the years, to be nominated at all is quite the accomplishment and one that many gifted performers over the years are yet to enjoy. Across the many decades of cinema, let’s take a look at ten top notch talents yet to (or in some older cases never at all) be nominated for one of those ever sought after little golden men.


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