10 Great Actors With Over 30 "Rotten" Movies On Rotten Tomatoes

10. Julianne Moore

No. Of "Rotten" Movies: 30 Just because Julianne Moore is good in everything, it doesn't mean that everything she's in is actually good. In fact, this wonderful actress has made a lot of bad films across the span of her long and prosperous career. Thankfully, the duds tend to end up mostly forgotten because Moore makes so many great films, too. Still, you have to wonder how she ended up in something as terrible as drab fantasy failure Seventh Son and the Oscar-winning Still Alice in the same year? 30 "Rotten" movies is a lot - there's no getting past that. And whilst it'd be easy to blame Moore for choosing bad movies to star in, in this particular case there are a lot of projects in the mix that she probably believed would turn out great: Blindness, Hannibal, The Lost World: Jurassic Park. These were all motion pictures that came with high-profile directors attached; directors who dropped the ball and granted Julianne Moore a place on this list.

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