10 Great Cliffhanger Endings From Recent Horror Movies

10. Mother Superior Isn't Dead Yet - St Agatha

St Agatha
Uncork'd Entertainment

Directed by Darren Lynn Bousman, veteran director of multiple entries in the Saw franchise, 2018’s St Agatha is a chiller that leans into more psychological scares than the supernatural or the gruesome; with an oppressively tense and claustrophobic atmosphere and a memorably sinister performance from Caroline Hennesy.

The film follows Mary, a young pregnant woman in 1950s Georgia, who is forced to flee her abusive father and ends up being taken in by a convent run by Hennesy’s Mother Superior; where she is told she must leave behind all of her former possessions and is given the name “Agatha”. We soon learn that Mother Superior’s house rules are less than reasonable; with various forms of brutal mental and physical torture in store for those who challenger her or attempt to leave.

Agatha ultimately bribes the other nuns to help her escape and dispose of Mother Superior. They accomplish the latter by forcing Mother Superior into a coffin and locking her in, before they themselves are poisoned.

The film appears to wrap up with Agatha escaping with her new-born child, and Mother Superior apparently condemned to die alone locked inside a box. It’s then that the movie hits us with a final cliffhanger, showing the police arriving and removing the lid to Mother Superior’s coffin.

We’re left with the grim realisation that not only will Agatha have to contend with Mother Superior, who will almost certainly be out for revenge, but also the possibility that she may be held responsible for all the prior murder and carnage that took place in the convent.


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