10 Great Cliffhanger Endings From Recent Horror Movies

9. The Parasite Continues To Spread - Sea Fever

Sea Fever
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With a schlocky, B-movie premise; 2020’s Sea Fever is an excellent indie creature-feature that follows marine biology student Siobhan (Hermione Corfield); who joins the crew of an Irish trawler led by Connie Nielsen’s Freya and her husband Gerard (played by Dougray Scott) in order to study marine faunal behaviour patterns.

After the ill-advised decision to sail into an exclusion zone, the crew find themselves set upon by an otherworldly tentacled monster that soon starts to spread a deadly, parasitic infection through their water supply.

Writer/Director Neasa Hardiman crafts a claustrophobic atmosphere with plenty of anxiety and paranoia as the crew attempt to quarantine and sterilize themselves to try to avoid spreading the infection further.

As the film draws to a close, Siobhan and fellow crew member Omid are the only remaining survivors, setting fire to the boat to draw attention and escaping on a life raft. As they watch help arriving in the distance, Siobhan realises she’s been infected with the parasite and dives into the sea to kill herself and prevent further spread.

As Omid waits for help to arrive and the credits roll, things are still far from over; the creature remains in the sea, having been earlier shown releasing larva into the ocean, meaning that there is a very real risk of the parasite spreading onto the newly arrived rescue ship, who in turn risk bringing the parasite back to the mainland to cause further carnage.

With the film ending on a decidedly more melancholic note than some of the others on this list, these realisations maintain a deep sense of unease as things wrap up.


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