10 Great DC Characters That Should Get A Solo Movie (But Won’t)

Come on, how cool would a solo Commissionor Gordon movie be?

DC Comics

Marvel's Cinematic Universe has proven that just because a comic character is obscure, that doesn’t mean they can’t be made into household names. Outside of comic fans few people had heard of Iron Man before the 2008 movie, and now he’s a household name alongside Batman and Spider-Man. The same goes for Thor, Ant-Man and Black Panther.

In building their own movie universe DC was naturally going to start with the big guns, giving audiences new versions of Superman, Batman and the other icons. They branched out a little with Suicide Squad, giving lesser known characters like Deadshot and Killer Croc their due, and opening up the world slightly but there's still some great characters won't ever see the light of day.

It could be because they’re too edgy or weird for mainstream audiences, or they’re seen as supporting characters that couldn’t front their own adventures. Whatever the reasons, here are some cool DC heroes who probably won’t be fronting their own adventure anytime soon, and the reasons why.


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