10 Great Directors Who Haven't Made Anything Good For Years

Clinging to former glories much?

Life in the spotlight to one side for a moment, it must be pretty easy being a Hollywood director. No matter what cinematic sins you've committed in your career, so long as you can prove to a studio that you've got some sort of track record in making them money, they'll give you another go behind the camera.

As such, Hollywood is currently littered with big-name directors still getting work for no other reason than they managed to make a few box office successes in an entirely different decade. Not to be confused with genuinely bad directors, who'll almost always find their level in the straight-to-DVD market or being at the helm of the entire Transformer's franchise, theis merry band are all filmmakers who've produced some of the best moments in cinema at some point of their careers.

Whether they've torn up a genre, invented something completely new, or just been unrelenting in their quest for great storytelling, they've earned their status as directing royalty, but it's a title they've spectacularly failed to live up to. Some are just on a bad run, some haven't managed to make something relevant for nearly 30 years, but they're all currently hogging a chair that could be getting given to a younger, fresher, hungrier filmmaker.

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