10 Great Directors With No Movies In The IMDB Top 250

Absent, but not forgotten.


With each passing year, the ratings, review scores, and other quick-read values assigned to movies are being held to an increasingly higher degree of authority by the film-fan community.

The ability to say “Ha! My favourite movie has 86 percent, and yours has 65!” is one that’s resulted in issues like fans creating fake accounts just to give certain flicks a bad rating, and this has the unfortunate side effect of making aggregate user scores nearly impossible to take seriously.

The IMDB Top 250 is no different; because people can rate movies a 1 or a 10 based purely on their affinity for the brand, director or lead actor - and not based on the subjective quality of the film - some films are placed oddly high, some are placed oddly low, and some notable talents are missing entirely.

Pulling on that thread, there are several skilled directors who haven’t made the list even once. This isn’t because they haven’t made any well-liked movies - all these filmmakers came very close to cracking the Top 250 - they just haven't quite racked up the necessary amount of high ratings.

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