10 Great Found-Footage Horror Movies You've Probably Never Seen

The Blair Witch Project isn't the only great found footage movie in town.

Inner Demons
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Found footage is arguably horror's most maligned sub-genre. It's understandable too, as it is oversaturated with more movies than you could probably ever watch. Just check out Amazon Prime's horror section for proof of this. The reason for this is simple: they're cheap to make. Just about anyone with a camera and some spare time can make a found footage flick, resulting in a sub-genre filled with far more garbage than gold.

When done well, found footage can give us classics such as The Blair Witch Project, Cloverfield, and Paranormal Activity. On the other hand though, when done poorly, we can be given ones like The Devil Inside, The Gallows, and Apollo 18. There are so many bad found footage movies in fact that they almost completely eclipse the good ones, which is unfortunate because there are some truly beautiful diamonds shining in the rough.

So with that in mind, let's take a little time out of our day to pay tribute to several movies that prove the sub-genre doesn't always have to suck with ten great found-footage horror movies you've probably never seen.

10. The Collingswood Story

Inner Demons
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Think of this one as like Unfriended, but actually worth your time.

In The Collingswood Story, two college students in a long distance relationship decide to explore the more spooky side of the internet for a bit of harmless fun. As these things go though, they soon come to realize that they may have made a terrible mistake.

Much in the way that The Blair Witch Project was the progenitor for modern found footage movies, the same can be said about The Collingswood Story to an extent. Movies like Unfriended, Host, Searching, and really any horror or thriller film with a focus on webcams and live streaming share at least some of its DNA.

While it might seem dated now, Collingswood manages to make for a unique, spooky experience. It's retro almost, as the quality of the webcam mixed with the mid-2000s feel of just about everything functions now as some sort of time capsule of a simpler time. This aesthetic only serves to enhance an already creepy story that never once feels like it's lost sight of what it's trying to be.


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