10 Great Found-Footage Horror Movies You've Probably Never Seen

9. WNUF Halloween Special

Inner Demons
Midnight Crew Studios

If you love 80s throwback nostalgia pieces, this will be a tasty treat for you.

In the WNUF Halloween Special, a local television personality takes a group of paranormal investigators to a supposedly haunted house live on camera. All is well and good at first, but things slowly begin to take a dark turn, eventually leading to a bloody end you will not see coming.

This movie feels like it crawled right out of the 80s in such a genuine way that you'll have to remind yourself that it was in fact made in 2013. The film was all shot on vintage tape stock and even included commercials for fake shows and products in order to really sell the aesthetic. These two elements together give the film a taped-off-TV feel, as if it is something your dad recorded during its non-existent airtime.

The biggest success of the movie however is that it never once feels like it's trying too hard to be retro. Every moment of screen time feels natural, and it's because of this that the scares hit as hard as they do. Do not miss out on this one.


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