10 Great Ghost Movies (No One Ever Talks About)

The ghouls, spirits, poltergeists, and assorted entities which never got enough love...


The humble ghost movie sometimes seems forever destined to live in the shadow of its more famous (or more infamous) horror sub genre competitors.

Whether it’s an original eighties film, an ironic nineties offering, or a more recent post ironic remix of the sub genre, the slasher has proved enduringly popular amongst horror fans and mainstream viewers alike for decades. Meanwhile both creature features and religious horror have fallen in and out of favour, but never struggled to find viewers.

Ghost movies, on the other hand, are neither viscerally gory enough for horror fans, nor subtle enough to be considered “psychological thrillers” or “elevated horror” (I.E horror movies that self-proclaimed serious cinema fans are allowed to like).

So dispelling this misconception is the reason this list exists, in order to shine a light on all of the cinematic poltergeists, entities, and misunderstood spirits who never got their due and were doomed to haunting bargain bins.

With that in mind, here are some of the best ghost movies that, for whatever reason, no one ever seems to talk about.


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