10 Great Moments From Not So Great Movies

Freeway For an industry allegedly big on creativity, there sure are a lot of half-baked movie ideas that find their way to the big screen. It seems that the lower the budget, the more willing filmmakers are when it comes to pushing the envelope, which makes sense in a system of "low risk, high reward" blockbusters. Unfortunately, this means most expensive movies tend to adhere to the same template: play it safe, don't try anything too radical, and make lots of things blow up with CGI. Surely announcing release dates before pre-production doesn't help the creative side of things, or having a dozen producers onboard that all need to be kept happy. Sometimes, a great idea can sneak its way into a terrible movie. Other times, there will be a single standout scene amongst two hours of mediocrity. These are the moments that make you wonder what would happen if this creativity was applied to the product as a whole, or whether it was just an accident. Either way, this article will have a look at 10 great moments from not so great movies...

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