10 Great Moments From Not So Great Movies

10. First-Person Shooter (Doom)

Doom Trailer 1

The long line of terrible video game adaptations continued with Doom, a movie that both Dwayne Johnson and Karl Urban have apologised for on numerous occasions. And rightly so; the acting and directing are pretty bad, and the lighting and special effects are worse. However, it did have one memorable scene. Beginning with Urban's 'Reaper' staring at himself in the mirror, what follows are the four best minutes of the movie as the character stalks the corridors of the research facility from a first-person perspective, taking out various alien-mutant things in a scene reminiscent of the classic video game. The close quarters combat creates a more immersive experience for the audience, and also shows off some neat practical effects of exploding heads and such, before culminating in a 'chainsaw versus wheelchair-bound space mutant' showdown. Obviously. The movie flopped, failing to even make back its budget and was nominated for a Razzie Award. Which was the least it deserved, because the other 95 minutes of the movie were awful. But at least this scene was cool.

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