10 Great Moments In Otherwise Terrible Movies

The occasional diamonds in the turds.


Our favourite movies are often chocked full of iconic scenes. You'd struggle to find anyone who couldn't visualise Darth Vader revealing he's Luke's father or Jack Nicholson hacking down a bathroom door. It's scenes like these that make their films classics.

However, great scenes aren't always found in great movies. Sometimes a film will come out and it will be terrible; the acting, directing and writing will all suck and the run-time will feel like it's stretching out into eternity.

You'll be on the verge of walking out the cinema or switching off the TV, but then... it happens. Suddenly all these terrible elements seem to coalesce and the whole will somehow be greater than the sum of its parts. There will be a single amazing scene in that terrible film, something that feels like it was ripped from something better and plopped into the mess you're watching.

These scenes might be a surprising bit of comedy, an action sequence that finally delivers on the film's premise or even just a single bit of dialogue that you'll want to keep quoting forever.

Whatever it is though, it will stick with you long after the rest of the film has faded from memory.


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