10 Great Monster Movies You've Never Seen

9. Dark Was The Night

Death Kappa
RLJE Films

Dark Was the Night is a moody, meditative, melancholic monster movie offering up much more than just blood and gore.

A small town sheriff must solve a series of bizarre murders before more bodies begin to drop. As he digs deeper into the mystery, he must brace himself for the possibility that what he's dealing with might not be human at all.

The full reveal of the monster is honestly kind of disappointing, as the build up to it set up something truly frightening. However, it is in that build up, in those quiet moments of tension where it is stalking its prey where the film shines. You will feel your hair raise as it hunts for its next meal. This sense of anxiety is given further weight due to how well the characters are written. Even ones that you may come to hate have moments where their humanity comes through. You don't want them to be hurt, which just makes it hurt you all the more to watch.

A huge part of what makes this film work is its tone. The movie has this almost deathlike grey filter over everything that, at first may seem unnecessary, but as the film goes on will get under your skin with its oppressive dominance over the screen. This, along with the pacing and character writing, more than make up for the underwhelming reveal of the film's big bad.


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