10 Great Movie Characters Who Were Totally Butchered By Sequels

Star Wars Return of the Jedi Han Solo We don't ask for much when it comes to movie sequels. If you absolutely, positively have to make them, Hollywood, and there's no way in hell that we're ever going to be able to stop you from doing so, please just ensure one thing: don't screw up the characters. Bland or convoluted story? We can deal with that. Unnecessary scenes of relentless CGI? Workable. New sidekicks that seem to exist purely to test our patience? We'll get past it. But don't - whatever you do - butcher the characters that we've come to love for sake of a quick buck. We're not okay with that. Thankfully, this rarely happens - writers are generally quite careful when it comes to character continuity from sequel to sequel. The last thing anybody wants is to sit down to a sequel to find that the character that they came to see again has swapped personalities, or exists as a shadow of their former selves. What am I kidding? This happens all the time. Hollywood is constantly destroying our favourite characters for no good reason, playing around with their established traits whenever it fits the story, or trying way too hard to replicate them again to the point it feels fake. That's what happened in the following cases, anyway: 10 great characters who got totally butchered in movie sequels.

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