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In 2006, Showtime released Dexter - a tv series revolving around a blood spatter analyst who moonlights as a serial killer. Unable to control his compulsion to kill, Dexter redirects his urges so he only targets rapists, murderers, and psychopaths.

Even though the studio figured Dexter would be a hit since it's based on Jeff Lindsay's successful novels of the same name, the show surpassed everyone's expectations, instantly becoming among the hottest things on television. Fans tuned in every week to see how our titular 'hero' tracked down his latest victim or how he was outsmarted by another serial killer.

Not only was Dexter a well-written show, it attracted some big names including Johnny Lee Miller, John Lithgow, Jimmy Smits, and Edward James Olmos. Although Michael C. Hall was already well-known for his performance in Six Feet Under, Dexter helped redefine him as a star. Viewers were so blown away by the ensemble's performances, they were eager to see what else they've done.

With this list, we'll be looking at the some films starring the Dexter cast that deserve a look.

10. Trainspotting 2 - Johnny Lee Miller (Jordan Chase)

Dragged Across Concrete
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Season 5 of Dexter has everybody's favourite Miami police analyst confronting Jordan Chase - a self-help motivational speaker who has instigated the rape and murder of multiple women for his own sexual enjoyment. Not only is Johnny Lee Miller fantastic at portraying both sides of this twisted figure, he can seamlessly transition from the charming self-help guru to a murderous sociopath at the flip of a dime.

Miller has turned in many great performances throughout his career, including in Elementary, Hackers, and, of course, Trainspotting. In Danny Boyle's classic film, Miller plays a heroin junkie called Sickboy.

Despite Boyle's movie being hailed as a masterpiece, few people checked out Trainspotting 2. This time around, Renton (Ewan McGregor) does his best to learn from his mistakes while his former friends are up to their old tricks, including Sickboy who's still dealing with drugs and hustling people with blackmail schemes. When Renton returns to Edinburgh after being away for years, it isn't long before his path and Sickboy's intertwine.

As always, Miller gives a phenomenal performance, which helps make this unnecessary follow-up thoroughly enjoyable.

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