10 Great Movies Starring The Cast Of Dexter

9. King Kong (2005 Version) - Colin Hanks (Travis Marshall AKA Doomsday)

Dragged Across Concrete

Peter Jackson's remake of King Kong follows failing film director, Carl Denham (Jack Black), and his personal assistant, Preston (Colin Hanks). Realising their careers are going nowhere unless their next movie is a hit, Denham decides to shoot a film on the fabled Skull Island, where they discover the titular primate.

A lot of characters in King Kong are suitably over-the-top but Hanks' Preston keeps things grounded. After Denholm loses several men while attempting to capture the great ape, the director vows to Preston that all the movie's profits will serve as compensation for his crew's families. But when Denham turns Kong into an attraction and gets caught in the glamour of fame, he loses sight of his promise.

Although Preston doesn't directly confront his boss about this hypocrisy, he gives him a look to let him know what he really thinks of him. This shot is very brief but demonstrates Hanks has a talent for displaying emotion without saying a word. Even though the film has humans being killed by giant worms and apatosauruses, Hanks' down-to-earth portrayal in a fantastical story proves Jackson was focusing on the humanity of the characters above all else.

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