10 Great Movies That Sounded Like Horrible Ideas At The Time

The Social Network The movie industry is known for its turbulent relationship with "bad ideas," in the sense that it likes to get into bed with them more frequently than it'd probably like to admit. That said, Hollywood is pretty darn good at avoiding movies that have failed in the past in different incarnations. Now that The Lone Ranger has flopped over at Disney, I don't think the House of Mouse will be making any western-related motion pictures for a while, do you? And if an idea doesn't seem to encompass a broader appeal, Hollywood tends to stay as far away from it as humanly possible. That said, occasionally a studio will let that person who usually sits quietly in meetings hatch a crazy new plan, one that seems to defy all logic of trends and popular opinions, and would probably cost a studio their entire fortune if it were to screw up somehow. But the movie industry is a crazy, crazy place, and sometimes movies get made despite sounding like truly horrible ideas at the time, only to emerge as bonafide hits that nobody was expecting. Yes, here are 10 movies that sounded terrible on paper that we can all probably agree are genuinely awesome...

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