10 Great Movies That Sounded Like Horrible Ideas At The Time

10. Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011)

Rise of the ApesHorrible Idea At The Time Because... Lack Of Interest/Tim Burton Version Alienated Fans Rise of the Planet of the Apes, aside from having one of those annoying double-barrelled titles, was a movie that nobody was really waiting for, given the taste that Tim Burton's ghastly mediocre version (inclusive of none of his trademark style, and the most asinine twist of all-time) left in everybody's mouths. It rendered Planet of the Apes in all its incarnations pretty much unpopular, and nobody was talking about this franchise in 2010. Well, until suddenly they were, when a rebooted version of the story hit our screens and surprised the sh*t out of us. It's not unjust to say that expectations for "a sort of prequel about the apes that will eventually take over our planet prior to the events in the original 1967 film" were low, and the world was pretty flippant about the idea of this movie existing in any way, shape or form. It seemed like a terrible idea mostly because there was no real interest in the franchise - it seemed like another reboot for the sake of it. But director Rupert Wyatt made this movie fun, modern and stylish, and the wonderful motion-capture work ensured that we could relate to our fury cousins.

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