10 Great Recent Sci-Fi Movies You Probably Haven't Seen

Under The Skin deserved way more attention!


Science fiction can be a tricky genre. It requires so much more world building than any other genre out there, plots tend to be much more complex and convoluted, while marketing tends to be harder, aimed towards niche audiences. For those reasons and more, great movies in the genre can often slip by.

Looking back at the last five years, there are a few sci fi movies which might have slipped under the radar. Some of these received semi cult status but low audience numbers, while others just didn’t get any traction at all.

Sometimes, movies don’t land because they’re just not that great. Hollywood pumps out so many movies per year, and a lot struggle with rewrites, studio intervention, phoned in performances, or just general core flaws. In the case of these ten though, they just didn’t capture an audience.

As for these movies being ‘great’, that’s relative. If these movies were Godfather, you wouldn’t have missed them. Still, these movies passed a lot of people by, and they deserve a lot more love. The past five years has given us blockbuster sci-fi releases like Star Wars and Avengers, but these lesser lights deserve a look-in too.


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