10 Great Slasher Horror Movies With Annoying Final Girls

9. Chrissie - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

Freddy vs. Jason Lori
Platinum Dunes

It's amazing how much mayhem Chrissie manages to sidestep in this critically canned, but wildly entertaining, prequel compared to her boyfriend and buddies. There's a few excuses provided in this film as to why Jordana Brewster's one-dimensional lead character doesn't suffer meathooks, beatings, flayings and teeth removals like her friends.

All of them really just serve as filler to move this maddened showcase of R. Lee Ermey's scary acting chops along at a quick, suspenseful pace. Initially sent flying after a car crash due to an altercation with a biker, she manages to miss Ermey's crazy Charlie Hewitt Jr. rocking up to the scene for some murderous mayhem.

When everyone else gets stuck in his house for a lengthy round of increasingly sick torture and torment, Chrissy winds up befriending one of the bikers from earlier who agrees to investigate the situation. When Chrissy's boyfriend gets maimed beyond belief, she just sort of sits around quietly waiting for Leatherface to come back and finish the job.

As oddly thrilling as this underrated entry in the long-running franchise is, it's lack of development in regards to Chrissy ultimately hinders some of the dramatic stakes when she becomes the final girl. As shocking as her surprise death at the hands of a backseat drive Leatherface is, it's not particularly impactful emotionally which slightly hinders the otherwise well-executed climax.


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