10 Great Spoof Movies That Were Actually Hilarious

9. Student Bodies (1981)

url-2 In 1974, the world was introduced to what many consider to be the first slasher film with Black Christmas. Seven years later, in 1981, the world saw the first slasher spoof with Student Bodies. There have been dozens of other films that take their shots at the cliché riddled slasher genre, but Student Bodies was the first. Released at a time where the slashers ruled the screen, Student Bodies managed to use '80s goofball comedy to reflect the flaws of the budding slasher genre - even going as far to use subtitles to point out said flaws like a door left unlocked. These same subtitles are use to keep a body count throughout the course of the film as well just so the audience can stay on top of how many sex-crazed high-schoolers have fallen prey to the very familiar heavy breathing unseen killer. And we€™ve all seen that before, but what we haven€™t seen is the phone salivating as the killer pants uncontrollably. Unless you€™ve seen Student Bodies, then you have seen it all before.
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