10 Great Stan Lee Cameos Not In Marvel Movies

10. Ralph Breaks The Internet


The first of what is likely to be many posthumous cameos from a man who spent many of his latter years on film sets waiting for his one jokey scene will be in this month's Wreck-It Ralph sequel.

If the first Wreck-It Ralph was all about packing the movie with as many appearances from classic video game characters as possible, the sequel's shifting of setting into the expansive world of the internet and a visit to the Oh My Disney fansite means that we can expect stacks of cameos from all the various intellectual properties owned by the Mouse House.

Although not technically a cameo in a Marvel movie, therefore, this is almost the same thing as Lee will undoubtedly appear alongside a load of other Disney-owned Marvel stuff.

The movie is not out yet, nor have there been any images released of Lee's cameo, but rumour suggests that in one scene Sugar Rush princess Vanellope Von Schweetz will be chased through the Oh My Disney site by Star Wars stormtroopers, almost knocking Lee over on the way. Viewers wanting to celebrate the late comics great may need to keep an eagle eye out for that moment, then.

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