10 Greatest Battles In Sci-Fi Movie History

Some of sci-fi's best and bloodiest.

Tom Cruise Edge of Tomorrow
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Even in the distant future, out among the stars in the furthest reaches of space, mankind is a pretty bloodthirsty bunch.

At least, that's what sci-fi movies would have us believe. And, given our track record as a species, it's probably a safe assumption.

As a result, sci-fi and action are genres that often go hand in hand. Whether we're talking about more grounded, near-future sci-fi or something a little further afield, mankind - or other species that look remarkably similar - always finds a way to start some sort of war.

With the added scope of other planets, other life forms, and advanced technology, sci-fi is able to offer some of the largest, most incredible battles ever committed to film. There's something special about being shown what tomorrow's horrors of war might look like, even if it is borne from a particularly morbid, depressing type of curiosity.

What constitutes a great battle is a little tricky to nail down; in some instances it's sheer scope, in others it's all about the implications, and, in a select few, it even comes down to choreography.

So sit back, relax, and hope your descendants aren't caught up in anything like the following ten greatest battles in sci-fi movie history.

10. Zion's Last Stand - The Matrix Revolutions

Tom Cruise Edge of Tomorrow
Warner Bros.

The Matrix took Thomas Anderson - Neo, to his friends - out of the Matrix and threw him into the dark and distant future, plunged into a war between the last remnants of humankind and a race of sentient machines.

While the Matrix trilogy was less than impressive in terms of its non-Matrix "present-day" (or the future, depending on your perspective) scenes, there was one that really stood out above the rest.

Perfectly capturing the dank grittiness of what's left of Earth, the hopeless determination of the people of Zion leads them into one final stand against the machines and their onslaught, as they hope to end the war once and for all.

Watching as the machines surge relentlessly towards the last bastion of humanity, the humans' last-ditch fight for survival is every bit as tense and as grand as it needed to be.

Not only did it lend some much-needed excitement to Zion's story, but it did so while illustrating just how hard humanity needed to fight just for the little freedom that they had.

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