10 Greatest Body Transformations In Horror Movie History

9. Scary Walrus Man - Tusk

American Werewolf in London - transformation

We haven't looked up the numbers but it's probably safe to say that there's not many not many people out there who suffer from a walrus phobia. These hulking behemoths haven’t been the front runners of many nightmares but after a viewing of Kevin Smith’s Tusk, it's certain that viewers will wake up in the night with images of sheer walrus terror.

Watching Justin Long’s character Wallace transform into a Frankenstein like, DIY walrus is one of the most hair-raising moments in modern horror and an image that sticks in any viewers head long after the actual screening.

The brainchild of a wicked recluse with a strange walrus obsession, audiences nearly hacked up their lunches as they saw Long waddle into frame with a new set of gnashers, accompanied by more stitches than any ancient piece of tapestry known to man.


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