10 Greatest Comedic Cameos That Dominated Their Respective Films

Because sometimes, keeping it short and sweet makes you all the more hilarious.

Cameo-spotting is a pleasure in and of itself, an intimate joke allowing the audience to genuinely feel like part of the cinematic proceedings. It's like whenever a character has an aside with the audience during one of Shakespeare's plays €“ the audience wants to feel like they're more of a participant than an actual observer to the events taking place on screen. Viewers enjoy being a part of the story, and a well-placed cameo is an excellent doorway to that. These appearances can be great in films for several reasons. If a film is being remade, then the star of the original film may make an appearance in the remake, because it has a special meaning or significance for them. Martin Scorsese graciously brought on original film star Gregory Peck to make an appearance, delighting continuity geeks and cinema buffs everywhere. The director of the film may be known for often appearing in their work for however brief a time. Alfred Hitchcock is a prime example of a director who appeared in many of his films, albeit fleetingly. That way, the audience gets to do a quasi-game of Where's Waldo? that adds to the fun. Other times, the cameo can be of an actor who often works with the director. It's a genuine bit of goodwill and a solid gesture for a director to give their actor a nod to their friendship, by including them in films that they'd otherwise not be a part of. Or on the other side of the coin, they can also just be in the film entirely because their inclusion is so far out of left field that their appearance is a phenomenon unto itself. Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues was full to the brim with funny cameos that were so totally random that one couldn't help but laugh at the sheer on screen absurdity taking place. Some deemed it as too much of an overload, while others embraced its inspired lunacy. The best kinds of cameos are often the funniest and most surprising ones. We're going to dive into ten cameos that stood out in their respective films as the most dominant part. These are roles that vary in screen time, but all of which are memorable for their own respective reasons. SPOILERS ahead. If we missed any one of your favourite comedic cameos, let us know in the comments section below!

Philip Clarke is a 21-year old graduate of the SAIT Film and Video Production Program. He spends his days working on his novels and feature film screenplays. His favourite film is GoodFellas. He goes to the theatre to watch movies on a weekly basis to feed his cinematic addictions.