10 Greatest Comedic Cameos That Dominated Their Respective Films

10. Stan Lee €“ Mallrats (1995)

Near the end of Kevin Smith's second feature film Mallrats is a downbeat Brodie (Jason Lee) looking forlornly off into the distance. He's then suddenly approached by his idol Stan Lee who's of course playing himself. The man that many people turn to as "The Godfather of Marvel comics" is simply a legend. Lee is responsible for many of the superheroes and villains that millions know and love to this day. For all intents and purposes, the man is showcased as a god to nerds everywhere. Pretty well every Marvel film made so far has a cameo by Lee, so his appearance in that cinematic universe is nowadays rather commonplace. Before he became ubiquitous in many contemporary superhero flicks however, he had a small part in Mallrats that nobody saw coming. Seeing Lee converse with Brodie on a man-to-man level is what makes his appearance in the film so great. It's rather appropriate that Lee approaches Brodie to give him some relationship advice. After all, who wouldn't want to be told what is the right thing to do by their hero? It doesn't matter how much one loves comics, chasing after the girl that got away is all that matters. If Brodie never tried to go after her, then he would be perpetually unhappy. Its moments of genuine heart and sentimentality that are often the best parts of Smith's films. While the gross out humour and laughs are Smith staples, it's heartfelt moments such as this much-deserved surprising cameo that really ring true. Nerds everywhere laugh in tickled joy at seeing the legend on screen, if only for a few shining moments.

Philip Clarke is a 21-year old graduate of the SAIT Film and Video Production Program. He spends his days working on his novels and feature film screenplays. His favourite film is GoodFellas. He goes to the theatre to watch movies on a weekly basis to feed his cinematic addictions.