10 Greatest Ever Creature Movies

Dinosaur, piranhas and aliens, oh my!

The Predator
20th Century Fox

From aliens and gigantic sharks to aggressive piranhas and revived dinosaurs, the history of film has seen some iconic creatures that have terrified and brought gore to our screens at the same time as providing some of the greatest moments in cinema history. From Spielberg’s Jaws to Carpenter’s The Thing, such movies have tapped into the innate fear that lies within all humans - helplessly being eaten by a massive creature.

In the lead up to 20th Century Fox’s release of The Predator in UK cinemas on September 12th, we're looking back at some of the most infamous and best creature films to get your heart beating and palms sweating. And hopefully, Shane Black's revivalist sequel can do precisely the same when it arrives...

10. The Host (2006)

The Host

The Host is a 2006 South Korean monster film, centred on a monster that entraps a man's daughter. According to Bon Joon-Ho, the inspiration for the star monster came from a story in the local area about a deformed fish in the Han River.

In contrast with some of the more slow-build monster films released, The Host reveals its creature from the beginning and has it appears consistently throughout, as opposed to showing up only in suspenseful moments. That's particularly brave and the fact that it works so well is testament to the director's vision.

The Host went on to set a box office record in Korea, reaching 10 million sales in just three weeks.


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