10 Greatest Ever Creature Movies

9. The Feast (2005)

The Feast
Dimension Films

The Feast is a 2005 American horror film focused on a group of people in a bar in Nevada, who are set upon by a horde of monstrous creatures - which is always an issue if the Tremors movies are anything to go by.

The film was received with mixed reviews on release, but it was praised for its humour alongside its gory scenes. It was later revealed that the original script for the film included more action but producers decided these needed to be cut to fit into the budget. Still, it's now got a reputation as a cult classic.

The ‘Feast Beasts’ are a species of intelligent, bipedal humanoids with arms and legs which makes them formidable enemies against humans. They also have 26” teeth which they can use to tear into the flesh of their prey, making them scary enough creatures to feature alongside some of the more recognisable monsters here.


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