10 Greatest Guilty Pleasure Movies Of The 90s

9. Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead

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For those of you who were coming of age during the financial recession, when everyone in college suddenly realized that their degrees were going to be useless and baby boomers had replaced all of the entry level positions that they would normally be qualified for with unpaid internships, this movie might understandably be a bit difficult to watch.

After all, it's about a teenage girl named Sue Ellen (played by peak Christina Applegate) who manages to bluff her way into a successful career in fashion -- you know, one of those industries that it's super easy to break into. She literally walks into the office with a made up resume and they just hire her on the spot, with any interviews or reference checks. What a world, right? Super relatable.

But although the central storyline is unbelievable and a bit frustrating for anyone who actually has struggled to force their way into a competitive field, it's also pretty empowering. Sue Ellen is adaptable, resourceful, and achieves her goals through force of personality and sheer bloody-mindedness. We could all learn something from Sue Ellen.

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