10 Greatest Indiana Jones Movie Moments

Guess how many are from Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull...

Paramount Pictures

Indiana Jones is one of the most famous characters in movie history. When he was first introduced back in 1981, he became immediately distinctive owing to his thrilling adventures and the terrific performance of Harrison Ford.

One of the best elements of the Indiana Jones movies is how well they have aged. Due to the practical stunts and the accessible storylines, the original trilogy remains thoroughly enjoyable to this day. These three films have actually aged far better than The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which was rather heavy with its use of CGI at times.

With Indy at the centre, the originals contained gripping chase sequences, plot twists, likeable characters, stunning vistas, terrifying booby traps, and even some romance from time to time as well.

Despite juggling all these different elements, the consistency of these films is quite remarkable. Sure, The Temple of Doom was criticised by some upon release for being too dark, but over time the respect for this second entry has grown substantially.

As such, there are a significant number of moments which rank amongst the best of the trilogy…


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